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Flint Adds Solar Capacity to Serve Members

          By the end of 2016, Flint Energies will add significant solar resources to serve its members across Middle Georgia.“Through a purchased power agreement, Flint will add a large amount of solar energy to its mix of power generation resources,” said Sr. Vice President Jimmy Autry. “15 megawatts (15,000 kilowatts) of solar energy will come from the new Sandhills solar project just outside of Butler.” Sandhills is owned by Southern Power, a subsidiary of the Southern Company.              “We believe that our members want their cooperative to be an aggressive user of solar power resources,” said Autry. “And most members are not able to take advantage of rooftop solar due to home ownership, tree cover, old roofs, or homes not oriented to face the sun. So we make solar an important part of the power generation mix for all of our members’ to use.” This utility-scale solar addition is not the first for Flint. The not-for-profit cooperative is a pioneer in providing renewable power generation resources to its members. The first renewable project in the State of Georgia was built at the Taylor County landfill back in 2003. Through its membership in Green Power EMC , Flint also takes power output

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