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Flint Energies and Conexon Connect, the internet service provider arm of rural fiber-optic network design and construction management leader, Conexon, are pleased to announce the connection of their first customer to gigabit-speed internet.

Peach County's joining to the Connect, powered by Flint Energies, fiber broadband network means rural Georgia residents now have access to Connect's 2 Gbps service internet that is among the fastest and most robust in the nation.

Flint Energies Members Ian and Angelyca Russell say they are now able to instantly connect to the internet. "It has made all the difference for our family's needs. Before Conexon Connect, we struggled to have good, reliable internet service. At one point, we were using several hotspots with our cellphone provider just to meet our digital needs."

Even their young son Avery is a fan of the service. He gleefully exclaims, "We've got internet!"

Conexon Connect and Flint Energies announced its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) project in March 2022 to build and deploy a nearly 3,000-mile fiber network. It will provide high-speed internet access to approximately 31,000 homes and businesses in Crawford, south Houston, Macon, Marion, Muscogee, Peach, Schley, Talbot and Taylor counties.

“Since announcing our fiber project one year ago, we’ve been excitedly waiting to announce that our first member is connected,” says Jeremy Nelms, CEO of Flint Energies. “This fiber will be used to pave the digital dirt roads that have existed throughout the Flint territory for far too long.  With the services provided by Conexon Connect, our members can expect a total transformation in their lives and how they access digital information. With improved access to cutting-edge telehealth services and online education, along with personal and professional development opportunities, the possibilities are endless. Flint began over 85 years ago working to improve these communities by installing electric service, and we’re working just as hard today with Conexon Connect to do the same thing in the same areas with fiber.”

The FTTH project is expected to be completed within four years and together, Flint Energies and Conexon Connect are investing approximately $100 million to build the network.

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