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Effective with Consumer-member billings that begin on April 1, Flint Energies’ residential base charge will move from $32 per month to $34 per month, continuing a long-term initiative to gradually align this monthly access charge with the fixed costs of operating the electric system. This increase equals $24 for one year of service, approximately less than 7 cents a day.

Flint Energies’ residential rate will remain steady at the current 10.55 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), where it has been since 2017.

“As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, all Flint Members share in not only the costs but also the benefits of electric service,” says Flint Energies Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Nelms. “The Co-op has experienced cost increases from materials to operations and maintenance, including credit card fees, postage and right-of-way expenses. Flint’s Board and employees work hard to reduce expenses and operate more efficiently to help control costs for all Members, because they too are Members. The price of electricity has risen less than many other common Member expenses even with this base rate change.”

Base rate changes will also be in effect for the other rate schedules which were previously billed at $32 per month. Those rate schedules will bill at $34 per month and will affect approximately 1,000 non-residential accounts. Members may compare current residential rates online at the Georgia Public Service Commission website:

Every two years, Flint updates its cost-of-service calculation; it offers a direct and accurate reflection of current expenses. The base charge, or access fee, covers the costs of operating the Cooperative and delivering power. It also includes covering the Co-op’s cost to maintain more than 7,000 miles of electric lines and 52 substations, while providing 24/7 service and an outage reporting system. The wholesale power cost adjustment rider, which can change monthly, fluctuates based on the costs to generate power. The computed cost of providing service to a residential location is more than $35 per month.

New Electric Vehicle (EV) Rate for Commercial Members

The new electric vehicle rate for Flint’s commercial Members will have a monthly service charge of $100 for single and three phase service. Energy used will be charged at a flat rate of $0.19 per kWh, instead of the time-of-use rate used by residential Members. Commercial members on this new EV rate will realize facilities charges based on the cost of the Co-op’s investment in dedicating local facilities to support the commercial member’s EV charging equipment.

“With major car manufacturers offering more electric vehicles options at affordable prices, we anticipate that an increasing number of our commercial Members will seize opportunities to offer EV charging for their customers,” says McLemore.

Option for Low Income

Members who are approved for the Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) can be placed on Flint’s low-income rate. After April 1, Consumer-members that confirm their LIHEAP standing with a check payment will be eligible for a reduced monthly base service charge of $17 per month. Local Community Action Agencies administer the LIHEAP program.